Corrosion protection of concrete

Corrosion protection on concrete is usually done with a system of KÖSTER LF-BM and KÖSTER PS Flex, applied by brush or roller. The system is crack bridging.


In case of minor acid impact, if no crack bridging is required, the coating can alternatively be carried out only with two layers of KÖSTER LF-BM.

In the case of extraordinarily high acid impact (e. g. when below the acid dew point) the entire coating is to be carried out with two layers of KÖSTER VE. In addition KÖSTER VE is suitable for the covering of edges, holes and screws prior to the application of KÖSTER LF-BM.

The surface is prepared by sand-blasting, grinding or shot-blasting until a solid and stable substrate for the subsequent coating is ensured.

For reprofiling and concrete replacement, KÖSTER Repair Mortar R4 is applied. For a fast setting system, KÖSTER Repair Mortar NC can be used. The mortar is applied onto the prepared, stable substrate which must also be free of bond inhibiting agents. Reinforcement steel has to be cleaned, as corrosion protection and bonding agent KÖSTER Z1 / Z2 is applied.

Rough and highly absorbent substrates are prepared with KÖSTER NB 1 “fast”.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

Because corrosion protection on concrete requires experience and should be analyzed case by case, please contact our technical consultants. They will be glad to answer your questions.



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