Corrosion protection of steel surfaces

1 Corrosion protection
KÖSTER Corrosion Protection
2 Corrosion protection (crack bridging)
KÖSTER CT 228 Flex

The corrosion protection of steel can easily be accomplished with a two-layer coating of KÖSTER Corrosion Protection, applied by brush or roller. KÖSTER Corrosion Protection is a 2 component, solvent free, epoxy based protective coating with excellent adhesion to steel and concrete. It can be used as a surface protection in facilities which are exposed to elevated chemical and mechanical stresses such as agricultural plants, sewage treatment plants or tanks.

The substrate must be dry, solid, and free of loose particles and bond inhibiting substances such as oil and grease. Steel surfaces must be prepared according to DIN EN ISO 12944-4 (min. Sa 2 ½, average roughness RY5 min. 50 µm)

KÖSTER Corrosion Protection serves also as a primer for steel structures in hydraulic steel construction which require a crack bridging, flexible coating, like KÖSTER CT 228 Flex. KÖSTER CT 228 Flex is a two-component epoxy resin product which, due to its tough elastic properties, can be used for the mechanical and chemical surface protection of concrete and steel structures. The material is characterized by its high surface hardness and is able to bridge cracks forming in the ground.

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines. Because corrosion protection on steel requires experience and should be analyzed case by case, please contact our technical consultants for further instructions.



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