Floor coating for balconies, terraces, commercial and private areas

Floor coatings in exterior application on balconies and terraces, as well as in commercial and private areas, require a special system that provides adequate protection and offer the necessary safety for the users. KÖSTER satisfies all these requirements with the universally applicable KÖSTER CT 227 1C Silane system.

KÖSTER CT 227 1C Silane is a one component, pigmented, open to vapor diffusion, environmentally friendly, crack-bridging, elastic and easy-to-use sealant with very good covering capacity for indoor and outdoor use on mineral substrates, such as e.g., concrete, cement screed, mineral plaster and on stable old coatings.

The system is resistant to medium chemical and mechanical loads, UV and weather resistant and it can be applied in a wide variety of application compositions in private and commercial areas.

The versatility of the coating is given by the use of its system components: KÖSTER CT 227 1C Silane is the ready-to-use main coating system. KÖSTER Flex Fabric is a highly flexible, tear-resistant plastic fabric for use in indoor and outdoor areas at risk of tearing. KÖSTER CT 327 1C Sealer is a one-component, crack-bridging, open to vapor diffusion, UV and weather-stable, solvent-free transparent sealant. Due to their good UV and chemical resistance, KÖSTER Color Chips are suitable for surface designs. 

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines. For detailed installation guidelines, consult the latest System Data sheet.



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