London Underground grants approval for KÖSTER products

After three years of cooperation with our customer POS Services in the United Kingdom, the first group of KÖSTER waterproofing products has been approved for use in the London Underground.


KÖSTER NB 1 Grey is a crystallizing sealing slurry that can withstand up to 13 bar water pressure (130 m hydrostatic pressure) from the negative side. The product is used for internal and external waterproofing of underground structures as a stand-alone system or in combination with other high-risk waterproofing systems in accordance with BS8102: 2009.

In addition, KÖSTER NB 1 Grey is suitable for use on new and old concrete, brick and concrete blocks, as well as most other mineral building materials. As opposed to other cementitious slurries, it does not require any reaction with the hydroxides in the concrete and therefore also works on concrete that is more than 20 years old and has already been carbonated.

KÖSTER NB 1 Grey is applied to the substrate with a brush or by spraying. Open-pored substrates are pre-wetted or primed with KÖSTER Polysil TG 500.

Adding KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion makes the cured waterproofing flexible and aids in curing so that premature drying during setting is prevented. KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion simplifies application because it makes the slurry smoother and easier to apply.

KÖSTER Waterstop: Fast setting and hardening water-stopping mortar against water ingress.

KÖSTER Sewer and Shaft Mortar: Waterproof, fast setting mortar with high compressive strength. Can even be installed under water when water is flowing.

KÖSTER Repair Mortar Plus: A shrink-compensated repair mortar for quick and watertight repairs.

KÖSTER Restoration Plaster White: Salt and moisture resistant plaster for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for highly salt burdened walls.

KÖSTER KB-FIX 5: Extremely fast curing repair mortar.

KÖSTER KD System: Unique super-fast mineral waterproofing system for stopping water and surface waterproofing against active water leaks.

KÖSTER Polysil TG 500: Deep penetrating polymer silicate primer for damp and salt burdened walls.

KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion: Additive for waterproofing slurries to increase flexibility and facilitate processing.

KÖSTER KB-Flex 200: Permanently plastic sealing compound for sealing pipe and cable penetrations. Does not dry out and adheres to plastics, metal, and concrete even under wet conditions.



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