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BBA Certificate for NB 1 Grey

BBA Certificate for NB 1 GreyKÖSTER NB 1 Grey received the BBA certificate, on January 31, 2019.

The BBA Certification includes Factors relating to compliance with Building Regulations, factors relating to additional non-regulatory information, independently verified technical specifications, assessment criteria and technical investigations, design considerations, installation guidance, regular surveillance of production and a formal three-yearly review.

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Major contracts for KÖSTER in China

XianDr. Jianping Yang and Johann J. Köster received an order to provide the waterproofing of a newly created district of the city Xi‘an in Central China. This order includes the supply of waterproofing solutions for considerable 420.000 m².

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A roofing membrane with a long life

Coeur Cologne KÖSTER TPO WaterproofingThe commercial building “Coeur Cologne” at the Cologne main train station has as versatile as well as weather-resistant roofing membrane. The material comes from Aurich.

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Do you know...?

KÖSTER Joint Tape 30

Thermoplastic tape for sealing expansion and dilatation joints (up to 20 cm) and broad, irregular cracks. KÖSTER Joint Tape 30 is UV resistant, highly elastic and can withstand extreme movements in the joint.

The joint tape system consists of KÖSTER Joint Tape and KÖSTER KB-Pox® Adhesive, a high performance adhesive for fastening the joint tape to mineral substrates. 1 mm x 300 mm.



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