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Canada, Toronto, ON, Kirkland Gold Mine Shaft Repair

The top of the mine shaft is housed in a large concrete building and contains the electrical and mechanical systems that raise and lower equipment and material up and down the mine shaft. The concrete foundation walls are 2 feet thick and extend 18 feet below grade. There was widespread water ingress through cracks, joints and corners in the foundation walls. The repairs had to be completed without disrupting the mining operations or moving/damaging the many electrical/mechanical fixtures on the walls.  
Campos de aplicación
Impermeabilización externa de sótano con Inyección de Cortina
Impermeabilización de túneles con construcción cerrada
The walls were scanned using Ground Penetrating Radar technology to locate the reinforcing steel and determine our grid pattern to drill and set the injection ports. When setting up our grid pattern and placement of the injection ports we also had to consider the many electrical/mechanical fixtures. Once the injection was complete we added another layer of protection by applying Koster NB1 Grey crystalline to all the exposed interior concrete surfaces. Relying on our training and many years of experience, the Macdero Injection Services team was able to complete the waterproofing of the entire building, ensuring the structure and everything inside is protected from water ingress.  
Producto aplicado
KÖSTER Injection Gel G4
Applicator: Macdero Injection Services Owner: Kirkland Lake Gold Inc. Consultant: Read Jones Christofferson Ltd.  



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