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USA, Pasadena, CA, Caltech Millikan Library

Caltech Millikan Library Basement 
Fields of application
Internal basement waterproofing in case of ground moisture non pressurised and pressurised water
Internal basement waterproofing on foundation plate with mineral systems
Condition was total remodel of the basement under the library tower. There were also tiled plaza decks over part of the basement. Mature trees and poured walks surrounded the area so excavation was not possible for positive side waterproofing. In addition, the plaza decks had finished tiles installed, making the cost of positive side waterproofing prohibitive. The method used was to first sandblast the basement walls and ceiling. Then the KOSTER NB 1 System was applied to the walls and ceiling areas under the plaza decks on the negative side. Approximate area is 660 sq. meters.  
Product applied
KÖSTER SB Bonding Emulsion
Troyer Contracting Co., Santa Fe Springs, CA  



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